Dream of: 23 December 2000 "Yellow Hat"

Near The Ohio State University, I boarded a bus heading north. Once I had sat down on the bus, I lost track of what I was doing, missed my stop, and found myself far up on the north end of town. I knew I would have to turn around and go back south. The bus turned around and headed south, but it only traveled a short distance before stopping and letting everyone off.

A strange-looking homely woman (about 25 years old) was driving the bus. She also stepped off the bus and I followed her. She was wearing a yellow helmet like a construction worker might wear. I asked her if she was going to be driving the bus farther south. She said she couldn't take passengers south. I kept talking with her, trying to understand why. In the course of our conversation, she told me her name was "Yellow Hat." I told her I wasn't arguing with her - I simply wanted to know why she couldn't take passengers south. I didn't understand completely, but it sounded as if some regulations prevented her doing so. It turned out that "Yellow Hat" worked for herself. She only owned one bus which she drove, but she still had to follow regulations.

Another woman was talking on a phone. I listened to what she was saying, and from the sound of her conversation, I concluded she was a reporter. When she hung up, I spoke with her and told her my wife was also a reporter, so I was used to people coming up with problems. Now I had a problem which I wanted to discuss with her. I wanted to talk with her about the apparent regulations which prevented busses from going from the northern part of Columbus down to the university area. I also wanted to know why the buses wouldn't pick up anyone in this area.

Suddenly it occurred to me that "Yellow Hat," the reporter and I might be able to approach whoever was in control of this situation in the government in Columbus and we might be able to resolve it. I thought we might even be able to form a little company. I thought I might be able to present evidence to the government which would show that Yellow Hat should be able to drive her bus to the university. I knew I wasn't a lawyer in Ohio, but I could probably still figure out a way to work for Yellow Hat. I might even become part owner of the company. In that event, we would have to concentrate on making a profit. We would have to show that the main expense of Yellow Hat was her bus and the upkeep of the bus. We would have to pay for all the expenses of the bus and still make a profit. To accomplish this, I would need to have a group of people. It sounded promising.

Finally, however, putting aside my thoughts, I decided if I wanted to reach the university now, I had no choice but to walk, and I began walking south back toward the Ohio State campus. Darkness began to fall around me as I came to a bad section of town. I hastened my pace. I jumped off the sidewalk onto a second level running along the sidewalk, and I hurried along. Just as I came to some steps which I had to climb, I saw a black boy (13-14 years old) standing in my path. He stopped me and I knew immediately I was going to have a problem. I knew he was going to try to steal the yellow billfold which I was carrying in my left rear pocket. As I tried to pass him, a man (30-35 years old) ran up and grabbed me. We struggled and I tried to escape.

As we wrestled, three city buses came down the street. Suddenly I managed to break free, run out in front of the buses and hollered for the buses to stop and help me, but all three buses passed by without stopping. I ran after the buses for a couple blocks, until they finally stopped in front of a building. As the bus drivers climbed off the buses, I ran up to them and berated them for failing to stop for me.

One driver was a tall black-haired man (about 40 years old) who looked Italian. He told me the drivers were hesitant to stop in this area of town. He seemed to regret he couldn't stop, but apparently he had to follow regulations.

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