Dream of: 19 December 2000 "Pinocchio"

I was sitting on the floor with four or five men and one woman (all probably in their early 20s). We had all read the book Pinocchio. The woman started talking about the book. I added a few words and then the other men also spoke about the book. The woman turned to me, said she liked the way I talked and asked me to speak more. I took her request as a cue, and I continued speaking about the book.

I wanted to reach the central core of the book. I said that every book has a central idea behind it, and the rest of the book is built upon this idea. I said a person reading the book needed to reach the central idea. I said Pinocchio was a good example of this because the central idea was very simple. I said if we could understand the central idea of Pinocchio, we might move on to other books, such as Great Expectations or Tom Sawyer. I said we might even study Oliver Twist. I spoke a few more words about Oliver Twist, a book which I thought difficult to understand.

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