Dream of: 12 December 2000 "Boat In The Basement"

I was standing in front of a second-hand store on Gallia Street, close to Gay Street, in Portsmouth. In my hand I was holding a small vial of glue. I managed to spill some of the glue on my hand, and then I accidentally dropped the vial into a little chute (like a book-return chute) which went into the store. I knew immediately I needed to go into the store and retrieve the vial before the glue damaged something.

I walked into the store and saw a man walking toward me with the vial of glue in his hand. I didn't want the man to know I had been the one who had dropped the glue, and I hoped he didn't notice the glue I had spilled on my hand and my pants leg. I particularly didn't want him to think I had been sniffing glue, because I hadn't - I had had the glue for some legitimate purpose.

I walked right past the man and headed down into the basement, where I saw a fellow (about 20 years old) sitting at a table - he appeared to be signing books. I looked at him more closely and realized he was one of my old high school classmates, Lange. When he saw me, he seemed embarrassed that he was down there in the basement of this junk store, apparently signing copies of a book which he had written. I walked over to him and rather sarcastically said something to him about "signing a book." 

We began talking and I learned he hadn't actually written a book, but he had built a boat. The boat was sitting here in the basement. He stood up and we both climbed on the boat, where we found his girlfriend (who looked just like Melanie) on board. I walked back and forth over the boat. At first I thought the boat would be a piece of junk. But after I had walked around for about 10 minutes, I realized the boat was truly amazing. Built from wood, the boat was about 15 meters long and absolutely beautiful inside. It had been artistically designed, and little objets d'art were sitting throughout the boat.  Lange told me he had built the boat by himself, except for the frame, which had been built in Mexico and shipped to Portsmouth. I told him this was the best thing I had ever seen by anybody from my high school class. I couldn't believe how great this boat was.

Lange said he never stayed overnight on the boat, even though it seemed as if it would be a wonderful place to live. I told him we should have a party on the boat. I told him Weinstein was in town and we could invite him. I also thought Anderson was in town. Although I seemed to recall that Lange and Weinstein used to be friends, I couldn't remember if Lange had ever associated with Anderson. Lange mentioned that one of his friends (whose name I thought was Matt Damon) could also come. Lange also mentioned that his friend had been dating Birdie, and he (Lange) therefore didn't think I liked his friend. But I told him that wasn't true.

I climbed up onto the upper deck and I pulled Lange's girlfriend up with me so we could have a better view. Once we were on top, I realized we were already on the Ohio River (which seemed more like a canal running in a channel, and more like a four lane highway than a river). We were moving very fast. The ride was extremely exhilarating and I was having a great time. I wondered how the boat was powered, whether it had a motor, and what was causing us to go so fast.  I said exuberantly, "Let's lay this baby down."

I told Lange we could sail this boat all the way down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River and then on to Texas (I thought the Mississippi ran all the way to Texas). From Texas we could sail out into the Gulf of Mexico and from there we could sail all the way down to the tip of South America and back up the western side of South America.

Other boats were on the river. We passed a police boat. Suddenly I saw a boat right in front of us. It looked as if we were going to ram the boat. The bottom seemed to fall out of my stomach. The feeling was so palpable, I reflected on this feeling which I sometimes had when I became scared. I rarely experienced it but I had experienced it before. The feeling was incredible. I was really worried. But we passed safely by the boat and continued down the river.

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