Dream of: 03 December 2000 "Out Of Control"

A group of 20-30 people and I were traveling by foot through the jungles of Africa. Although the path was well-marked, we were proceeding slowly, and I was becoming impatient with our progress. Since I had the ability to fly, I moved to the front of our column, and gradually, rose off the ground, picked up speed, and began flying along the path. Finally, to get a better view, I rose completely above the tree tops and began surveying the entire area below me.

However, what I had feared now happened: now that I was above the trees, I couldn't control my movements as well as before, and soon found myself carried by the wind away from the path. My straying from the others was a worrisome development; Africa was dangerous and if I were separated from my group, I might not be able to survive by myself.

As the wind blew me toward the top of a high hill, I was surprised to see a clearing at the summit, and even more surprised when I spotted large gray tombstones. Regaining enough control to return to the ground, I landed and looked around me at the grave markers. The history of this place began returning to me. I was somewhere in South Africa, in an area which had been settled by white Dutch settlers more than 100 years ago. These graves must belong to some of those early settlers. I wished the others in my group had been able to see this graveyard, which was far larger than I had first perceived, and which must contain well over a hundred tombstones. The names and dates on the stones surely would reveal an interesting story.

To my further surprise, I noticed about 10 people (probably in their early 30s) walking among the graves. All were white, strong and healthy-looking. They spotted me and immediately walked up to me. A woman approached me first and immediately said something about my being a lawyer. I was amazed that she could divine that I was a lawyer and I looked at myself to see if I was wearing something that would give me away. True, I was dressed in long-sleeved white shirt, which seemed somewhat inappropriate for travel in the jungle; but nothing else about me gave evidence that I was a lawyer. I questioned the woman, eager to learn if she had some special power which allowed her to immediately see the occupations of people. But she ignored my questions and left me puzzled.

I quickly took a liking to this group of people. They seemed intelligent and organized, and I tried to think of some way that I might impress them. My flying abilities quickly came to mind. Surely this group would appreciate seeing me fly of my own will. Here on top of the hill was an excellent spot for demonstration. On one side of the graveyard was an abrupt cliff which fell straight down to a lake perhaps 30 meters below. With the others gathered near me, I stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down toward the lake. I figured if I simply leapt off the edge, I would quickly be able to sustain myself in the air without crashing to the lake. However, we were so high, I hesitated. Instead, I saw that just a short distance from me was a spot where I could jump off, and that if I were unable to fly, I would fall to a grass-covered ledge just a few feet below.

Without further hesitation, I walked to the spot on the edge of the cliff where the second ledge was below and I leapt out into the air. To my immense relief, I didn't fall to the ledge, but quickly began flying out over the water. Clearly the people standing back on the cliff were amazed by my ability, and I was proud to demonstrate my skills. However, my elation was short-lived. As before, I was unable to control my movement. I didn't appear to be in danger – the wind was carrying me in circles above the lake, between the hill with the graveyard and a second hill on the other side of the lake. But my proud attitude had vanished and I hollered back to the people in the graveyard, "I have no control!"

I was unsure how I would manage to land again. But as I looked at the hill on the other side of the lake, I noticed a very pretty brown-haired woman standing there, and I was immediately attracted to her. If possible, I would like to land near her. However, when the wind carried me closer to the woman, I saw that she was actually a girl, probably about 15 years old, and that she was carrying a baby. I immediately changed my mind. Even though she was pretty, she was much too young for me, and I certainly didn't need to link up with someone with a baby.

Maybe I would circle all the way down to the lake and land there. Indeed, I noticed a snazzy red car pull up on the shore of the lake, and I could make out that the driver was a black-haired woman. She was attractive, and somehow, I imagined that her name was "Mimi." I mulled over the name in my mind, wondering if I should call out to her, "Mimi!."

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