Dream of: 23 November 2000 "Human-Headed Funnel Clouds"

death has no power

yet fear of death drains us of

the power to live

In a green field, a movie crew was filming a movie in which I had a small part as one of the actors. This was my first movie role, and my lines fit onto a single sheet of paper. Notwithstanding my small role, I was surprised by how much I was enjoying myself, and I thought I might even pursue a career in  acting. However, I was nervous, because even though my part was small, I still had not memorized my lines; I was not even sure where I had stuck the paper which contained my lines. I hoped my part was not scheduled to be filmed today because I certainly was unprepared.

When I saw the director standing near me, I decided to have a short conference with him to make sure I still had time to memorize my lines. He was a slender, black-haired man, probably only about 30 years old. We began talking and he was quite friendly. I began to feel better, believing I still had time to learn my lines.

Suddenly, I was shocked to see that three or four funnel clouds had formed in the distance, behind the director, almost a kilometer away. The other people working on the film also became aware of the funnel clouds and everyone began running in all directions. I looked for cover, but I saw no place to hide. When I noticed a yellow motor vehicle, something like a golf cart, coming in my direction, I ran toward it and jumped on board. The cart had three rows of seats with enough room for two people in each seat. Four people were already in the cart, which was being driven by a woman; I made the fifth person.

Just as I jumped on board, one of the funnel clouds pushed toward us and passed right next to us. The cloud was small, perhaps only a meter wide, and when it brushed past me, I had the feeling that it was not strong enough to actually harm me. I began thinking maybe I was not in danger after all; I even thought maybe I should put myself in the path of one of the clouds and let it hit me, but I was still unsure that being hit by the funnel cloud would be a good idea.

By now, funnel clouds seemed to be popping up and falling from the sky all around us. The driver stopped the cart and I stepped off to get a better look. One cloud hit an old barn nearby, went inside the barn and seemed to disappear without doing damage to the barn. Once again another cloud passed by me, almost hitting me, thrilling me with its closeness.

When I again looked up at the sky, I became mesmerized by what I saw. A wide section of the sky was covered with multi-colored clouds, filled with grooves which looked like the surface of a large brain. The sight was spectacular - I had rarely seen anything so beautiful. Then, from the sky over my head, fell three white funnel clouds. Less than 20 meters from me, the lower tips of the clouds took on the forms of human heads of god-like men with white flowing hair and cheeks distended as they blew air from their mouths. I was too awe-struck by the beauty of the sight to be much frightened. However, I still did not want to get too close to these beautiful but disturbing clouds.

06 mars 2017

Je voudrais savoir si il y'a quelque chose de beau du desir sexual. Le desir et plutot un dolour. Oui, le desir sexual est un dolour. C'est possible que le devastation cause por un tornado dans mes reves est un symbol de le dolour cause a mon ame pour le desire sexual.

Controler un tornado dans mes reves est un symbol de controler le pouvoir sexual dans la realite.

Avec le control de la desire sexual, je peux composer des livres des reves.

Picture Source: Oldest known photograph of a tornado in 1884. By NOAA - http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ffc/?n=oldtorn, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Photo Library. Image ID: wea00206, Historic NWS Collection. Found at http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/historic/nws/wea00206.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=293663

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