Dream of: 13 November 2000 "Mudchuck"

My mother (who looked in her mid 30s) and I were standing on the back porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse when we noticed a fellow walking up the hill toward the Farmhouse. When I asked my mother who the fellow was, she said he was the son of the cleaning woman who was now living on Farm.

Sitting on the floor of the porch was a gray rock box with a lid on it. On the side of the rock box was a spigot with a clear tube attached to it. When I turned on the spigot on, liquid came out. At first I thought the liquid was fuel oil, but my mother told me the liquid derived from beef stored in the box. I turned the spigot off, but the liquid continued to run for a while.

The fellow walking up the hill finally reached the back porch; he sat down near the gray rock box and opened it; I could see the watery liquid inside. I didn't see any beef; but I did see a small strange-looking animal about 20 centimeters long. The animal looked like silver metal links fastened together to form the shape of an animal. The fellow called the animal a "mudchuck." When the fellow wasn't looking, the animal climbed on his arm and headed toward the fellow's neck. When I pointed out the animal to the fellow, he knocked it off. He said that kind of animal could really bite.

Some magazines were lying near us. I picked them up and flipped through them. On the cover of one was the description of an article on hypnotism. On the cover of another stood the actor Tony Curtis dressed like a clown. On yet a third magazine was a music group which haled from a place called "The Oracles." The fellow on the porch leaned on me, trying to see the magazines. I decided I wanted to keep them all. I stacked them together, thinking I would store them somewhere. 

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