Dream of: 09 November 2000 "The Heavens"

I had arrived at school for the second day of classes -- I had missed the first day. Since I hadn't been in class on the first day, I was concerned whether I would be able to find a place to sit. I thought I would have a better chance of finding a seat if I used someone else's name, and I decided to use the name "Iam Neeson." I had the feeling that Iam Neeson was in this class, but that he wasn't going to be here today. So I would be able to sit in his seat.

About 50 seats were in the room -- typical high school chairs and desks. I took my seat and the other students took theirs (two or three seats remained empty). The teacher (a woman) walked into the room, stood in front, and began calling out names. When I heard her call out "Iam Neeson," I raised my hand. But when she looked at me, I blurted, "I am not Iam Neeson." She looked angry and she wanted to know why I had raised my hand if I wasn't Iam Neeson. I tried to explain to her my reason, but she kept interrupting me and pointing out that I shouldn't be using someone else's name. In exasperation, I said, "I didn't even know if there would be seats."

 I was feeling rather stupid, as I felt everyone looking at me and I simply couldn't come up with a good answer. I  began recalling that once before I had seen someone use another person's name and get in trouble because of it.

Finally the teacher stopped harassing me and she went on to other subjects. Suddenly I realized we would be writing and I didn't even have a pencil. My old junior high classmate, Clifford (16-17 years old), sitting next to me on my left, had several pencils lying on his desk. He looked at me disdainfully as he handed me a pencil. He didn't seem happy to lend me one.

The teacher began talking about a book (a copy of which I had in front of me). She said we would be writing about subjects in the book and she directed our attention to a page which contained a list of football terms and explanations of each term. I really wasn't interested in football, but I thought maybe I would be able to use the terms somehow and the information might prove helpful.

I flipped on through the book until I came to a section of 10-12 pages of pictures by an artist. The section was entitled "The Heavens."  I focused in on a picture of a group of perhaps a dozen people wearing clothes in the fashion of the early 1900s. The people appeared to be caught in a house which was on fire. Black smoke was rising like clouds above the house. In the clouds were inverted mirror images of the people in the house. One man was wearing a top hat. The inverted images people looked like ghosts which were being carried up to heaven. 

I looked at the next picture and saw a similar theme, and I realized all the pictures were of people dying and their spirits going to heaven at the moment of death. I wondered if this painter might have also painted pictures of people going to hell, for instance a criminal being hanged. I would also have to look for those kind of pictures.

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