Dream of: 31 October 2000 "German Word Game"

I had just returned home from a long absence. Even though my home was far from ideal, I was happy to be back. My home was nothing more than a large basement room which I was sharing with perhaps a dozen other people. Happily, all the other people were good-looking dark-haired Hispanic women (in their late teens and early 20s).

Each woman, and I, had a small bed and covers, and an area around the bed to keep possessions. As I walked into the room I saw that the beds had been arranged differently since the last time I had been here, and that the room also seemed cleaner and neater than I remembered. Maybe the room was cleaner precisely because I hadn't been here. I told myself that I should be mindful in the future to be more tidy.

As I walked toward my bed, I noticed a couple beds occupied with sleeping women. Another woman (probably 20 years old) whom I recognized was in the back of the room. I called to her and with a smile on her face she began walking toward me. She was quite beautiful with her black Hispanic hair. But most remarkable was that she was naked from the waist up. Her nudity was somewhat less than striking because her chest was as flat as a board – no breasts at all.

She stepped up to me and seemed quite happy to see me. I was also glad to see her, but I couldn't stop looking at her breasts. Even though she was flat, the rest or her body, especially her face, was so beautiful, her lack of breasts didn't seem to matter; I found her particularly enticing. Obviously she was unaware that she was exposed, and I finally mentioned that I had always wondered what she looked like without a top. To my surprise, when she realized she was uncovered, she didn't do anything to hide herself. She appeared to be at ease in her disrobed state, and I began to nurture hopes that I would see more of her like this in the future.

I next noticed another woman (also around 20 years old) sitting on a bed, a fully clothed woman who had excellent breasts. She was the woman I had known the best and whom I had most liked. She was extremely attractive, and had the same black Hispanic hair. I sat down behind her, with her back to me. I pulled the hair away from the back of her neck, kissed her softly on the neck, and whispered, "I missed you."

She didn't say anything, but I could tell she was happy to see me. In front of her was a computer at which she was looking. I slipped my right arm through hers, and with a couple clicks, I reached my email page. I hadn't looked at my email in several days and needed to check it. I noticed one of the messages was from Donna. Donna was asking me if I would like to play a word game using German words. I was glad to hear from Donna, and the game sounded like fun. I thought I would get back with Donna later and we would play the game.

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