Dream of: 29 October 2000 "African-American"

Some other people and I were floating along in a small stream which ran alongside a street. When something suddenly pressed against my shoulder. I looked up and saw a huge four-wheeler with a fellow sitting on it. He grazed my shoulder, said something rough to me, then stopped.

I stood up out of the stream and walked over to him. He was heavy set (about 50 years old) and seemed like a mean person. I said something about suing him and he said I would find out what a big lawyer was like if I sued him. I responded, "Well, I am a lawyer."

I poked him on the chest with my finger, and I pointed out to him that I was a pedestrian and he had hit me from behind. He seemed to think that I shouldn't have been in the street, but I pointed out that pedestrians had the right-of-way. But since I wasn't even injured, I finally said, "Of course I'm not going to sue you."

A crowd of people, including Weinstein (about 30 years old), had gathered around. I suggested tot he fellow that we present our case to Weinstein, to see what Weinstein thought about the matter. The fellow agreed, and I began presenting my case to Weinstein. I told Weinstein exactly what had happened. When I finished, before the other fellow could begin presenting his case to Weinstein, Weinstein disappeared in the crowd of people. Referring to Weinstein, the fellow hollered out, "Where's the nigger?!"

Apparently the fellow thought Weinstein was black. I responded, "He's no nigger."

Several black people were in the crowd. They suddenly grabbed the fellow. I hollered out, "Where's the nigger?!" But I was simply mimicking what the other fellow had said in order to emphasize that this was not the proper place to say such a thing. I was simply mocking the other fellow. The black fellows let go of the fellow and I grabbed him. I pulled him through the crowd, looking for Weinstein, but I couldn't find Weinstein anywhere. was standing close by.

Finally I stood in front of the fellow and began explaining to him that Weinstein was not black. I wondered if I should use the word "African-American" instead of "black."  I usually said "black," but I thought perhaps "African-American" was the better word. So I explained that Weinstein wasn't even "African-American," that he was Jewish.

The whole situation was becoming more and more tedious. I just want to get out of here. But I really was thinking of suing the fellow, he had been such a jerk.

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