Dream of: 27 October 2000 "Walk In The Park"

I had recently moved into a old run-down two-story frame house (which seemed to resemble the rental House at 1623 Eleventh Street in Portsmouth which my mother owned) which was sparsely outfitted with a few shabby pieces of furniture. A slovenly girl (16-17 years old) was also staying in the house, taking care of a small child. Their relationship with me was unclear. The girl was still in high school, and would soon be leaving this morning to go to classes. I was unsure what she would do with the child while she attended school.

The girl and the child were sitting huddled in the living room, close to the heater. As I walked through, I commented about how they were wasting heat, with all the doors to the other rooms left open. The girl didn't respond and I continued on to the dinning room, which was quite cold. Suddenly, I heard some loud, clanging noise from the rear of the house, and looking out a window, I could see my step-grandfather Clarence and a younger, stronger man, pouring coal into a chute which led to the basement. I recalled that Clarence and my grandmother Mabel had visited me here earlier and after passing through the house, they had decided to go and get some coal for me. I was unsure whether they were going to come back into the house.

I didn't wait to find out. I was restless and needed to get outside, to walk around. Without saying anything to anyone, I walked out and headed toward a small, nearby park. When I reached the park, I began walking on a concrete path which circled a pond, and I soon encountered a man and woman (both dressed in white) walking toward me. After a moment I recognized them: Richhart and his wife Mrs. Richhart. I hadn't seen them in years and they looked so different, almost unrecognizable. They had both grown older and now had white hair. Richhart was very overweight, although he carried it somewhat well, considering that he was well over six feet tall and stoutly built.

They spoke as they passed me, but I clearly saw that they didn't recognize me, and I walked on. But after a few steps, I stopped and thought to myself that I should say something to them. After all, they probably lived nearby, and now that I lived there, I might often see them here in the park. I knew we were in a north Dallas suburb, and they had probably retired into one of the more elegant sections nearby. Maybe I would even enjoy occasionally walking around the park with them.

I turned back to them and called out. They stopped, turned and looked at me. I hollered, "You don't know who I am, do you?"

As Richhart looked more closely at me, a glimmer of recognition passed over his face. Finally, he smiled and said, "Doc Steven Collier."

I was surprised to hear him call me "Doc." Technically he was correct – I was a Doctor of Law. But no one ever addressed me as a doctor, and I didn't remember Richhart having ever done so. I wondered if I should respond to him in kind and call him "Doc." But I couldn't remember whether he was a doctor. In fact, I couldn't even remember his name. Finally, instead of Richhart, I concluded that his name was "Hultgrun," and I began debating whether I should call him "Mr. Hultgrun" or "Doc Hultrgun."

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