Dream of: 03 October 2000 "Bulldozers And Shotguns"

I had gone to the Gallia County Farm to visit my father. As he and I sat in the large walled-in porch area which he had built on the side of the Farmhouse, I asked him where his girlfriend, Lucille was and he said that she had gone to Los Angeles to take care of some business for him, but that she would only be away for one night. I noted that she seemed to be traveling quite a bit lately and staying away from him. She also seemed to be exerting more influence in his business.

As we talked, we looked out the large windows onto the road at the bottom of the hill, and noticed four vehicles containing road crews coming down the road. Two bulldozers were traveling behind two dump trucks. The bulldozers were going very fast, perhaps 30-40 miles per hour, and were pushing large white rocks out of their path. Suddenly the two bulldozers crashed into the two dump trucks. The damage looked terrible.

I stood up, walked outside, and headed down the hill to the crash sight. A couple injured men were lying on the road. Another man stepped up to one of the injured men (who had blond hair) and began twisting his neck as if he were trying to break it. I hollered at the man and told him to stop. An extremely ugly man, he turned toward me and picked up a shotgun.

I jumped into a ditch, then took off running toward the Farmhouse. When I heard the shotgun fire, I fell to my hands and knees and crawled through the mud until I passed over a little ridge. I could see my father looking out the window of the Farmhouse and I hollered up to him to fetch a gun and help me. I thought he might be upset about something and he might not want to help me - but I felt sure he would. If my father would only start shooting at the man, the problem should be solved.

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