Dream of: 01 October 2000 "Psychoanalysis"

I walked into a room filled with former high school classmates. Some were standing and talking; others were dancing. I first noticed King and Galyean. Galyean was dressed, as I, in dark blue jeans and a dark blue shirt; and, just as I, he had forgotten to wear a belt. After walking around a while, I saw Debi in the crowd. MacDonald was dancing frenetically on the dance floor. I likewise danced a bit. I could see myself – I looked about 17 years old.

After a while I stopped dancing and began talking with one of my old classmates, Kizer, who said something about the comic book heroes, The Fantastic Four. I immediately inferred that he had been reading some of my dreams which I had posted on my website, and that he was referring to one dream in which the Fantastic Four had appeared.

Someone pulled out some pictures which Kizer and I began perusing. Kizer mentioned that he also had a picture of me. I thought he might be carrying his interest in me a little too far, if he were carrying around pictures of me. However, I also wanted to tell him that I likewise had lately been looking at pictures from my high school yearbook, and that the pictures were important to me

I stepped away from Kizer, and when I saw Moon (a former classmate from law school) sitting nearby, I sat down on Moon's lap. I began talking to Moon as if he were psychoanalyzing me. I pointed to Kizer and softly and calmly told Moon that Kizer knew me much better than he had ever anticipated because he had been reading my dreams.

As I talked with Moon, I began realizing how important it was for me to post my dreams on my website on a daily basis, especially since so many people now read my dreams. Even though I didn't know exactly who read my dreams, I was sure other former high school classmates read them. I was a bit uncomfortable that these virtual strangers knew so much about me; but, still, I liked the idea of their reading my dreams. I specifically wondered if Debi and King had been reading my dreams

Moon commented about how overweight he was. I thought to myself that I also needed to lose a few pounds; but I wasn't in bad shape. I also hadn't shaved in many days; I reflected how my beard seemed to reflect my continued happiness.

When I finally stood back up, some people near me had begun opening up some music cases and extracting their music instruments. At first I thought that I had also brought my flute with me and that perhaps I would play with them. I wondered if the musicians would have sheet music which they would read as they played. I was worried I might not be able to read the music, but then I realized it didn't make any difference, because I hadn't actually brought my flute anyway.

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