Dream of: 08 September 2000 "Bread Of The Devil"

As I was walking through an airport, waiting for my plane, I stopped to look at some books stacked on some wheeled tables. As I browsed, a very pretty woman wearing a light-gray sweater and no makeup stepped up. She had small breasts and was braless. I estimated she was 23 years old. She was carrying some books – mostly large college text books – and when she managed to drop some, I began helping her pick them up. I noticed one of the books was an American history book, the same book I had once been carrying on a plane which had crashed.

As I helped her, she mentioned something about my lips. Needing no more encouragement than that, I pulled her to me and slowly began kissing her. At the same time I pulled a towel or blanket over us. I pressed against her; she was very thin and so young. I was far more experienced. Our kiss became more and more passionate and my penis pressed against her. Suddenly, however, I began thinking about AIDS: could I get AIDS from a kiss? I almost stopped, but then thought, "Is it by the bread of the devil that God gives food?" I concluded I couldn't get AIDS from a kiss, and I continued kissing her.

When we finally did stop kissing, I wondered if she were also going to Columbus, Ohio, like I was. I thought about how provincial Columbus was. I wondered if she were going to school there. I would only be passing through Columbus on my way to Portsmouth. I wanted to talk to her, to learn more about her and to tell her about myself. But she quickly pulled away and headed off; I didn't now if I would ever see her again.

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