Dream of: 21 August 2000 "Circling The Church"

understanding symbols is a spiritual gift

Jon and I were standing outside a white frame church, somewhere in a forest, surrounded by trees. Stern members of the church, dressed in black Amish-like garb, were gathered in small groups around the church, standing on the fringes of the trees. I was highly suspicious of this group, their beliefs and practices, and I had no desire to mingle with them. However, one of their members, a beautiful blonde woman, about 30 years old, dressed in white (unlike the others), had caught my attention. After I had exchanged a few words with her, I told Jon I thought I might be able to take her to bed. The thought of making love to her enraptured me, and I could almost feel her strong body pressed against mine.

Meanwhile, some of the men of the sect had formed a little group and had begun running around the church so fast that they appeared to be flying. I decided to join in (partly to impress the blonde woman) and soon I was also circling the church so fast that I became airborne. I kept my distance from the other men in their little group, and with speed and grace, I flew many times around the church, proud and exhilarated by my ability. Now, feeling more confident, the next time I passed the blonde woman, I reached out and pulled her into my arms. Almost immediately, I realized what I was holding wasn't the woman, but a package, about a meter long, which was wrapped in soft paper and appeared to contain flowers.

Daringly, I flew up to the roof of the church and lightly sat down on the edge, holding my package in my arms and looking out on the white, snow-covered surroundings. Intending to astonish the many onlookers below, I suddenly leapt from the edge of the church, plummeting rapidly toward the earth. I was confident I would be able to pull out of the dive at the last second, and if I weren't able, I thought the snow would soften my impact. But I didn't need the snow; just as I had planned, about a meter short of the earth, I slowed to a halt. Still in the air, I easily rolled over on my back, and about a meter above the earth, I sleepily floated, suspended in air, holding my package in my arms.

I was, however, somewhat concerned about the package, and I had the feeling somebody was inside the package, hopefully the woman. As I held the package above my head so I could clearly see it, a long stemmed red rose, held by a woman's hand, emerged from the package. I scrutinized the hand, trying to discern whether it was young or old, but I was unable to decide. Then, to my astonishment, another object appeared, and I needed a few seconds to see this new object was a blonde-haired Barbie doll, likewise being held by a feminine hand. Clearly someone was down at the bottom of my package, but as I finally landed and stood up on my feet, I had a sickening feeling it wasn't the blonde woman, and I apprehensively called down into the package, "How old are you?"

The voice of a young girl responded, "Eight."

I felt immediate repulsion. I wanted nothing to do with an eight-year-old girl, and I looked around me, trying to spot a place where I could put down this package and be rid of it.

29 November 2015


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