Dream of: 12 August 2000 "Wanting To Explain"

I was in a large room which seemed like a convention center, with people milling about everywhere. I walked past some nicely dressed women (probably in their mid 40s, my age). After passing them, headed toward the end of the hall, I suddenly realized one of the women had looked like one of my female junior high classmates, Warnock, and I reflected that one of the others had looked like my old classmate, Peggy.

I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to go back and tell Peggy I had had many dreams about her over the years, and I wanted to explain something to her which had stayed with me over so many years, how I was sorry for the way I had shunned her in junior high school when she had told other people she liked me.

As I turned around and walked back toward the women, I realized I was at my class reunion. Before I could reach the women, another extremely attractive woman (probably in her mid 40s) stepped right in front of me out of a doorway. She started walking along right next to me in the same direction. I looked at her closely as she asked, "Do we know each other?"

Admiring her beauty, I answered, "I hope so."

She abruptly stopped and sat down. I thought about also stopping, but now I was so close to the woman whom I thought was Peggy, I continued walking. I pointed at Peggy and called out, "Peggy." The woman who had sat down thought I was talking to her, but now I was concentrated on Peggy.

Suddenly, however, a crowd of people surged from behind me and pushed me down the hall, past the women. The hall narrowed as I was propelled into yet another crowd of people. The other crowd wasn't connected with my class reunion (it looked as if a wedding was taking place down there). Hundreds of people were smashed in together. I felt like hollering out and asking if anyone was here for the Portsmouth reunion, but I didn't. Being crowded together with all these people wasn't particularly unpleasant, but I still wanted out.

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