Dream of: 06 August 2000 "Unfair Advantage"

Some men, including my father and my great-uncle Ray, were playing cards in the Gallia County Farmhouse. When my father stood up from his seat, I sat down where he had been sitting and I began playing with the other men.

My father had taken a seat near a tall lamp with a white lamp shade (just like one I owned). The lamp had places for three light bulbs, but in place of one bulb was a small mirror, about a centimeter square. When I bent my head a little, I could see Ray's cards in the mirror. At first I couldn't see the cards clearly, but finally I saw that one card was a "7," and one card displayed the head of an eagle. When we had been betting, I had thought Ray had different cards from the ones I now saw. Now I was more at an advantage since I knew some of the cards he had. I could now place a better bet.

I wondered if my father had been looking at Ray's cards through the mirror when he had been sitting there in the seat earlier. I was amazed by how much of an advantage I now had by knowing Ray's cards. I hesitated to take unfair advantage of the mirror, but doing so was difficult to resist.


I was almost ready to go to sleep right at the card table, when I heard the voice of my brother Chris calling from the next room. He hollered out that he thought my mother was calling. Immediately wide awake, I jumped up, amazed by how quickly Chris's voice had awakened me. I rushed into the next room where Chris was. When I noticed a computer monitor in the room, I thought perhaps my mother had been trying to call us across the Internet.

I walked over to the monitor and saw that a message was on the screen. I clicked on the message and a file immediately opened up. But it was from someone else and not from my mother. The file was peculiar, because it appeared to be two files in one. I saw that the message was from some fellow to me, and I wondered how he had been able to send me two files in one.

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