Dream of: 27 July 2000 "Stranded"

Two young boys (each about 10 years old) were riding with me in a small boat. We were floating through a forest, on a muddy mountain stream, headed for someplace where one of the boys had been before, and which he wanted to show to me. However, the deeper we floated into the mountain, the more apprehensive he became, until he finally said he wanted to turn back. Nevertheless, we continued along until we reached a fork in the stream, and had to decide whether to go left or right. The boy directed us to the left stream, which we turned into. Almost immediately we met a second fork, and once again took the left stream, the smallest stream of all.

Almost as soon as we turned into the small stream, the water disappeared, revealing a slick rock stream bed. The stream bed had become so steep, that even without water, the boat picked up speed until suddenly, just ahead of us, the slick rock bed dropped precipitously, almost perpendicularly. Just in time, all three of us jumped out of the boat onto the slick rock and watched the boat crash down the cliff-like stream bed, perhaps 100 meters straight down.

We clung precariously to the rock. We couldn't possibly climb down, and we now realized we couldn't climb back up. It was almost as if we were stranded on the side of a steep cliff. Someone would have to rescue us. But who? I now vaguely recalled hearing about some expert women mountain climbers who had once tried to climb up this very stream-cliff, and even with all their climbing equipment, they had failed.

If someone were going to rescue us, they would have to throw us ropes from above, and then we could climb up. But how would anyone find us? I recalled that before we had gotten into the boat, we had been in a car, and I had parked the car at the edge of the forest. Surely someone would come looking for us, find the car, and began searching through the forest. They would probably start hollering for us, and we would have to listen for them. But days might pass before we were found. Meanwhile we would just have to wait here, clinging, stranded.

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