Dream of: 22 July 2000 "Son Of Hitler"

I was with Adolph Hitler and his family in Berlin during the last days of World War II. I was his son. I was witnessing what the very last days were like. I was holding him in my arms. He had dark black hair. He was obviously going quite insane.

I had been trying to figure out what had happened to Hitler during his last days. Now I finally understood that during the last days he hadn't even known what was going on. He had gone completely insane. He was almost in a state where he didn't know what was going on around him. He was so out of it, he didn't even realize the enemy army was closing in on him. I had always wondered how Hitler had died. Now I thought I would finally see him die at the end and I would solve the mystery of how he had died.

I released him from my arms, stood up and walked away. Several members of his family were gathered around him. Carrying a black Bible, I walked into the next room where I met a woman (about 50 years old, dressed in black), and together we walked up some stairs to the next floor. Suddenly I heard Hitler screaming. The woman and I knew that he had awakened and that he had violent rages when he woke up sometimes like that and snapped out of his calm state.

I was suddenly terrified and I knew I had to hide. Even though Hitler had been treating well only a few minutes ago, if he were in his mad state now, he could do anything, even kill me.

With the woman, I ran down a hallway, thinking I could either go up higher into an attic area, or I could go down a second set of stairs to the downstairs again where I could circle around so he wouldn't know where I was.

I thought I could hear him coming up the stairs that I had come up, but I wasn't sure. I turned off a light, thinking he wouldn't be able to see me. The woman was also terrified and didn't know what to think. She had simply been visiting. I said to her, "Ich kenne ein Ort wo ich mich stecken kann."

I thought I knew of a place down the hall where I could hide. That was exactly what I intended to do. As I headed down the hall, however, I realized I had left the Bible lying right in the middle of the stairs which I had come up. I thought if Hitler saw the Bible, he would know I had come up the stairs. I was suddenly worried I had left a trail behind me that Hitler would be able to follow.

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