Dream of: 20 July 2000 "Dark Diamond"

I had bought a diamond ring for Carolina. Both of us had gone to the posh jewelers to pick out the ring, but we had been in a hurry and hadn't looked at the ring closely before buying it. Now that I was alone at home, I pulled out the ring to examine it more carefully. I first noticed how large the diamond was, about a half centimeter in diameter. Since I had only paid a little more than $1,000 for the ring, I now began to worry something must be wrong with the ring. Indeed, as I examined the diamond more closely, I saw it was quite dark, almost black.

After slipping the ring onto my finger, I spent several minutes eyeing the diamond and was shocked by what I discovered: inside the diamond was a round object which looked like a black pearl, and a white substance, almost like a fungus, seemed to be growing on the pearl. The diamond had no shine or luster, and actually was quite ugly. Obviously we had made a terrible mistake; I immediately decided I needed to return the ring to the jewelers. I wasted no time. I drove back to the jewelers, located in a small shopping mall, and I walked inside.

When a man greeted me, I told him that I had bought the ring the day before and that I wanted to return it. When he saw the ring, he immediately recognized it and seemed surprised that someone had sold me this ring. Apparently the ring had lain in the store a long time and was notorious for being of terrible quality. The man spoke to another person working in the store, complaining that no one should have sold me this ring. He then wrote me up a receipt which I could use for the purchase of another ring. He was apologetic, and even gave me some food some salsa and chips to express his apology.

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