Dream of: 19 July 2000 "Grown Lions"

Carolina and I had two pet lions which we had raised from cubs. We lived in a small house, and now the lions had grown full-sized. The lions had never bothered us, but I was becoming worried about them, especially when Carolina would take them outside. I realized they were now big enough so if they attacked one of us, they could definitely kill us. I loved both lions, but we had reached the point when I knew keeping them was very dangerous. I just didn't know what to do.

Carolina had been out of the house for a short while, and when she returned home, I met her in back of the house and I said, "I think we should take them out in the wild somewhere and turn them loose."

I knew however that wasn't practical. We couldn't simply take the lions out somewhere and drop them off. What would happen if the lions killed someone? People knew we had the lions and someone would figure out we had dropped them off. We couldn't drop them off at the humane society because they had always been our pets. I just couldn't imagine their being locked up in a cage. Thinking about my options was depressing. We loved the lions, but we couldn't keep them.

I thought perhaps we could buy an electric cattle prod. If the lions attacked us, we could shock them with the electric prod. But what if they grabbed someone by the neck? The shock of the prod might make the lions bite even harder.

I really didn't know what to do.

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