Dream of: 12 July 2000 "Stealing Comics"

I was in the library in Portsmouth. Among the stacks of books, I found a table and chair and I sat down. I looked down on the floor and noticed several stacks of comic books. Curious, I picked up some and flipped through them. I was astounded when I came across Spiderman #1,  #2, and #3. I kept looking and found Fantastic Four #1. Its cover was torn, but at least it did have a cover. I also found Fantastic Four #2 and #3. I thought to myself how I had never actually held a copy of Fantastic Four #1 in my hands. I had never owned the first three copies of Fantastic Four, although I had once owned the succeeding numbers.

It appeared that someone had simply brought in the comics and donated them to the library. I knew the comics were extremely valuable - I was thinking maybe $10,000 - $15,000 apiece. I immediately decided I was going to steal them.

I continued flipping through the comic, picking out the ones I intended to steal, until I had picked out 30-40 comics. As a ruse, I picked up a big stack of comics (about 60 centimeters tall) and carried them to a copy machine in the back of the room, where I intended to act as if I were copying some of the comics. I could see a two-way mirror in the top of the rear wall. I thought people were probably in the back room sorting through things which had been donated to the library. I also figured someone was probably watching me through the mirror.

I was wearing a coat. My plan was to go into the book stacks and stick the comics down my pants in front or to stick the comics under my arms and try to hold them there. I hadn't decided  yet exactly how I was going to do it, but I was very concerned that someone might catch me.

On the copy machine I made a copy of the cover of one comic. At the same time, I assembled the comics I intended to take, and I tried to decide exactly how I would stick them in my pants or under my arm

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