Dream of: 06 July 2000 "Gloria"

Several soldiers and I were taking part in a war against Germans. As we were walking along a creek, one of my fellow soldiers slipped and fell in the water. Something black was moving in the water next to him; when he climbed out of the water, the soldier said he had felt a shark touch his leg. I told the other soldiers to be careful, that sharks could jump right out of the water and grab a person.

We continued marching until we reached a barn occupied by Germans. A battle began. After much carnage, our troops moved into the barn. I climbed up into the loft where I found a man wearing a cavalry uniform probably from the 1800's. I hollered to my comrades, "I've got one!"

The captured man maintained that he was no longer in the army. But we suspected he was lying because he was still in uniform, even if the uniform were old. I turned him over to the others, then continued on with the fighting until I captured a young soldier in a German uniform. This time I was certain I had a German soldier. I held onto him for a few minutes, then shot him with a gun and killed him. I immediately realized I hadn't needed to shoot the German. But I had.

Someone said that a woman named "Gloria" was in the next room. I walked into the next room, where I could hear people talking. A row of Jews were sitting on a bench. Gradually Jews began appearing from everywhere. The Jews on the bench had been the brave ones – they had been trying to divert the Germans' attention from other Jews who were hidden in the barn. I admired the Jews on the bench so much, I just wanted to hug one of them. This battle had concluded the war; the Jews were free. I said to the Jews in German, "Sie sind Juden? Sie konnen gehen."

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