Dream of: 03 July 2000 "Underwater Prison"

I was standing outside a large prison whose buildings were brown and ugly. As I surveyed the area, I noticed the grill for an underground drain on the ground in front of me, and I bent over to see if I could lift the grill. I could, and I did. I was then able to see that the drain under the grill was large enough for a person to squeeze through. If I were a prisoner in this prison, I might try to escape through this drain.


I was inside the prison, a prisoner. Six or seven other prisoners were standing around me, but no one was talking. When I realized one of the prisoners was my old high school classmate, Dee Young (1952-1990), I said to him, "How are you doing, Dee?"

He looked surprised that I had said something and I finally saw why. A guard was approaching me in a menacing manner, as if he were going to strike me. I obsequiously knelt down on my knees in front of the guard, and he hit me six or seven times on the back of the head. The blows didn't hurt at all, but they were quite humiliating. When the guard had finished, he walked away and I stood back up. Without making any sound, I mouthed to the other prisoners that I hadn't known that we weren't permitted to speak. The other prisoners then began whispering among themselves.


I was the commander of a submarine, and had just finished bombing the prison, which, like the sub, was located under water. I thought about all the prisoners I had just killed, and how their bodies must be now floating through the water. I was sorry, but the bombing had been necessary.

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