Dream of: 30 June 2000 "Mayan Baptism"

My father, who looked exactly like the actor Peter Fonda (about 30 years old) was a minister in a Mayan temple. He and I, along with other people who had gathered around us, were standing in an open section of the huge temple where a pool of blue water lay in front of us. In the middle of the pool stood a stone pyramid, only about two meters high.

Two other people and I had journeyed there to be baptized by my father in the pool of water. The thought of being baptized was a bit alarming, especially since I didn't even know exactly what was entailed. To a large extent I was being baptized to please my father, since I knew he had long wanted me to be baptized. For myself, however, I was unsure I was making the right decision, and I felt utterly confused. I didn't even know what being baptized meant. I thought it had something to do with giving myself to God – but I wasn't even sure of that. I fretted that some questions might have to be answered as part of the rite, and that I wouldn't know how to answer the questions. The pyramid out in the middle of the water also concerned me. I had the feeling that during the baptism I would also have to place my body against the pyramid. This image raised vague memories of human sacrifice.

I needed time to think, and while no one was paying attention to me, I slipped off into another section of the temple and began walking around. I soon encountered a girl working on a dilapidated section of the temple which was constructed of smooth gray rocks. Some rocks had come loose, and the girl had gathered the loose rocks together to discard them. I looked at the pile of rocks and picked up one to examine.

The rock fascinated me. This temple was ancient. Throwing the rocks away seemed ridiculous. These rocks were  obviously valuable and I would like to have them. I became even more excited about obtaining the rocks when I found one with a face carved on it. Finally, in the pile, I found a statue, about thirty centimeters tall. It was beautiful – intricately carved from the gray rock. The statue appeared to be of a person carrying a globe in his outstretched hands. The globe was hollow and the statue closely resembled an Emmy statuette, except that this one was carved out of rock. I wanted it. I felt sure my father, who had power there in the temple, would let me have the rocks and the statue.

The girl also showed me a small child's wagon, with colorfully painted sides. She said it was also going to be thrown away. Obviously it was ancient and obviously it was also extremely valuable. I wanted it also.

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