Dream of: 28 June 2000 "Amperes"

Two of my first-cousins (sons of my uncle Liston ) were with me in the back yard of the House in Patriot. They looked alike; I thought they might be twins. The three of us talked about what we could do while we were here, and I told them I would like to work on some geometry. I explained that I hadn't practiced any geometry or trigonometry since high school. It seemed such a shame that I had studied so hard for so long, and then had just completely stopped. I explained to my cousins that I now had a strong hunger in my mind to practice mathematics again.

The three of us finally decided to work on some scientific experiments, somewhat as a competition between them and me. They were going to work on one project, while I would work on another. I decided that for my project, I was going to develop a mathematical formula to show whether the earth was perfectly round. I immediately set to work, reviewing a series of images in my mind. I envisioned a circle enclosed within a square. I then envisioned a point at various locations inside the circle. I saw my task to first develop a formula by which I could determine the distance from any point inside the circle to the nearest line of the square. As I began trying to dissect the problem, I began to see just how difficult it was.

As I worked, I could hear someone speaking French in the background, from a television or radio, and I realized my cousins and I had also been speaking French with each other. I enjoyed speaking French, but I realized that French presented a problem, because my brother Chris was sitting on the front porch of the house, and he didn't understand French. Confined to his wheelchair, he would simply have to listen to whatever was playing on the television or radio without being able to change it. I should go and see about him as soon as I could.

In the meantime, I noticed my cousins were busy with an elaborate experiment which they had set up inside the garage. One of my cousins was standing in front of a pot which appeared to have parts of a cactus crammed into it. Somehow by hooking an electrical apparatus to the cactus, the cousins were able to communicate with each other, even though the other cousin was somewhere else.

I was amazed. Obviously my cousin's device was extremely complicated and difficult to construct. I said something to my cousin about it, but when he tried to explain it, I couldn't understand. He mentioned the word "amperes," and I realized I didn't even know what an ampere was. I reflected that my knowledge of electricity was sorely lacking. I had long wanted to understand what amperes and ohms were, but had never taken the time to figure them out. I turned away, thinking I needed to figure out what an ampere was.

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