Dream of: 01 June 2000 (2) "Boom"

I was feeling sad. My mother had driven me from Portsmouth, Ohio to the Gallia County Farmhouse where I was now sitting in the living room. Before we had left Portsmouth, I had stopped by the 29th Street House to see if my brother Adolph (living in the House) wanted to go to the Farm with us. When I had stepped up to the outside of the door, Adolph (who had looked as if he were 6-7 years old), had stood on the inside of the glass pane in the front door, and with a beautiful smile had told me that he wouldn't be able to go to the Farm because he had to go to a baseball game today.

Now that I was there in the Farmhouse, thinking back on Adolph, I intensely wished that he would have come with us. I might not see him again for a very long time, and I would have liked to have spent the day with him. I was so sad, I even cried a little, off to the side, where no one could see me.

When I finally recovered, my mother and I walked out of the Farmhouse, descended the hill in front of the Farmhouse and crossed the Symmes Creek bridge. We casually strolled along the creek, in the bottom land on the other side of the bridge, heading west toward the old swimming hole about a kilometer from the Farmhouse.

The creek was muddy and the water's current was fast, as if from recent rain. Suddenly, we spotted something floating on the top of the water, half submerged – a black chest, like a treasure chest, about a meter long. As soon as I pointed out the chest to my mother, she jumped into the swirling water, swam after the chest, and tried to retrieve it. But although she managed to grab it, she couldn't pull the chest from the water; she mumbled something about its being a log. I thought she surely must mean that the chest was stuck on a log, not that it actually was a log. At any rate, I kept my eye on the chest, ran along the bank to a narrow spot, and when the chest was within reach, I grabbed it. As soon as I had slung the chest up on the shore, however, I was disappointed – it was just an old plastic chest, broken, with nothing inside – it was worthless.

We resumed our walk, finally reaching the field beside the swimming hole. A circular metal feeder had been set up for some cows which were being kept in the field. I pointed out to my mother how disgusting the field had become since my father had allowed a neighbor to graze cows there and leave "shit" all over everything.

But I had little time to concentrate on the field. As I looked back in the direction of the Farmhouse, I was astonished to see a pitch black cloud hanging in the sky. Suddenly, a funnel-shaped portion of the cloud began falling toward the earth. The funnel only fell down about half way, then rose back into the cloud. I knew that funnel clouds were formed this way, falling from clouds in the sky, and I immediately realized we were in danger. But my mother and I weren't the only ones in danger. Now, as I looked back toward the House, far in the distance, I thought I could see Adolph and my brother Chris walking along the creek toward us.

Obviously we all needed to find shelter. But where? I knew an old coal mine lay on the other side of the creek, but we didn't have time to reach it. When I looked toward the area of the mine, I was astounded by what I saw: in the sky in that direction, funnel clouds were falling straight down from the sky. They looked as if they were about two kilometers away. As each one fell, I cried out, "Boom!" Six clouds fell, and six times I cried, "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

I stood, mesmerized by the beauty of the funnel clouds. I had always wanted to see one up close like this. But I also knew I needed to seek shelter immediately. This was indeed a dangerous situation.

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