Dream of: 01 June 2000 "Stepping Off The Elevator"

As I was riding an elevator, I noticed Austin on board with me, and I recalled that I had recently had a dream in which he had appeared. He looked about 30 years old; he was neatly dressed and rather imposing. When the elevator stopped, as we stepped off (we seemed to be in a library), I spoke to him. He seemed surprised at first, as if he didn't want to talk with me; but finally, friendly but unsmiling, he spoke. I thought he was only talking to me now because I was a lawyer. I told him I had heard that he also was a lawyer; I asked where he practiced and he said he practiced in Washington, West Virginia. I told him I had thought he practiced in Ironton, Ohio. He told me he had once handled a case in Ironton, but he didn't practice there. He asked me if I had malpractice insurance and how much it cost. I told him I didn't presently carry malpractice insurance, but I used to, and it had cost about $100 a month. He told me he didn't have malpractice insurance either; but he seemed concerned about obtaining some. He told me he was a general practitioner and he spoke about some small cases for which he charged $50-$60; I thought he must be referring to traffic tickets. I wanted to tell him I didn't know much about general practice because when I had practiced law, I had specialized in bankruptcy cases; but he hardly gave me a chance to talk.

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