Dream of: 27 May 2000 "In The Army"

What had possessed me? I had enlisted in the army! I had already moved into a private room in the barracks and had piled my possessions all over the room. Hundreds of books lay scattered about. People walked in and out of the room, looking over my things, occasionally picking up a book and looking at it.

Already I sorely regretted having enlisted. Two years! I would be in the army for two years! Unimaginable! How many better uses I could have found for my time for the next two years. At least I should be able to put my body into better shape. I would be exercising every day, and performing much physical labor. When the two years were finished, I should at least be able to find a good job. Many employers favored people who had served in the military. I had never cared much for military people, but now I was beginning to see why they might be held in some esteem.

However, I was still hoping I might somehow be able to avoid my commitment. Perhaps the enlistment papers had been lost. I hadn't yet been given any orders. How much I rued my action. Two years! If only I could somehow get out of it.

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