Dream of: 26 May 2000 "Escaping A Tornado"

As I was walking through a lumber yard, I noticed a machine which resembled a cellulose-insulation-installing machine. I also noticed my attorney friend Jon standing nearby. But suddenly all my attention was drawn to a funnel cloud moving extremely fast through the city street outside the lumber yard. I was astonished as the funnel cloud crashed into a couple buildings. I immediately ran out of the yard, across the street, and into a brick house, yelling, "Tornado!"

I began looking for the basement, but could not find one. Instead, I found an old woman, and together, she and I walked back outside. I was convulsing - I had never been so scared. I pointed out damaged buildings to the woman, but she seemed to have difficulty seeing them. A news crew was already in the street, reporting on the tornado. One reporter saw the old woman and mentioned that she was rich.

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