Dream of: 24 May 2000 "Mexican Tornado"

While traveling in Mexico, I was walking down the street of a remote village, with a few houses on one side, and a vast arid plain extending out on the other side. As I passed one house, I was surprised to see several exquisite porcelain vases sitting on the back patio. The vases were white with blue markings, and appeared to be for sale. Interested, I stepped onto the patio, and in addition to the vases, saw several metal sculptures of superb artistic merit. One in particular, an abstract sculpture of a woman sitting at a desk, was particularly evocative. The porcelain and the sculptures appeared to be for sale. I was surprised to see such works here in this little village.

Suddenly, as I looked back out across the arid plain on the other side of the street, I was shocked to see a huge tornado racing toward me. The dirt and dust being propelled by the tornado looked just like the clouds of dust blown out of a large building when it is imploded.

I had little time to think. I looked around me for someplace to hide, but there was nowhere. The only place I could see was a small closet with a white door on the patio. I stepped into the closet, pulled the door shut, and huddled on the floor. Almost immediately the tornado struck. I could feel the pummeling wind on the outside of the door. The impact was furious, but quickly began to die down. I wondered what I would find when I opened the door. Would everything, even the house, be blown away? Or would everything, even the fragile porcelain, survive unharmed?

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