Dream of: 23 May 2000 "Upcoming Class Reunion"

Many people were sitting and studying at tables in a spacious room of a library. As I also sat down at a table, I looked over the walls of books, and tried to decide what I wanted to read. Suddenly I realized I hadn't read any law books in quite a while, and that I was getting rusty. I stood up and headed toward some shelves of books, thinking I was going to find some law to read.

Several people were crowded in among the shelves, making it difficult for me to find the law section. I scanned the backs of the books, trying to find something on law, but I didn't see anything. I was sure if I kept looking, however, I would find the law section.

As I searched, I glanced over at one of the tables where people were sitting, and noticed Clifford sitting there. He was bent over his books and papers, studying hard; he didn't notice me. Normally I wouldn't say anything to Clifford, but this time I thought I had an excuse for speaking to him. I had recently been notified that my high school class would soon be having a class reunion. Since Clifford and I had graduated in the same class, he needed to be notified of the reunion, if he didn't already know. Besides, I had another reason for wanting to talk with Clifford. Over the years I had had numerous dreams of Clifford, and I would like to tell him something about the dreams.

I was just about to start toward Clifford's table, when suddenly most people in the room began moving toward a door in the corner of the room. I looked through the door and saw a movie screen inside. I also noticed that no one was taking any tickets, and concluded that if I wanted to, I could go to the movie without having to pay anything. I might do that.

When I looked back toward Clifford, I saw that he also had stood up to go to the movie, and that he was walking right toward me. However, when he reached me, I now doubted that he was Clifford. He was only about 16-17 years old, and now he didn't quite look like Clifford. Uncertain, when he reached me, I stepped in front of him and asked, "Are you Clifford." He looked at me in a puzzled way. I was uncertain if he were puzzled because he simply didn't recognize me, or because Clifford wasn't his name.

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