Dream of: 20 May 2000 "A Day Of Tune"

I was in front of a building, when people began streaming out, like students coming out of a classroom. Apparently they had been watching me. They were interested in me because they had seen me come here several times in the last few days, and they had seen that I had the ability to fly.

I could tell that one student (a thin black-haired woman about 30 years old) wanted to try to fly. She walked along with me to the edge of a cliff which went straight down for about 10 meters. I jumped off and began floating. The woman followed, but she fell straight down to the bottom of the cliff. Fortunately, however, she was unhurt. I continued floating and when I looked back again, she was floating along behind me.

The two of us floated along over city streets. I was gradually losing altitude to the point where I was only about two meters off the ground. I couldn't seem to rise any higher. The woman was higher than I, but she seemed to have lost control. Sometimes her body even looked distorted, as if her head were stretching out abnormally from her body. Nevertheless, she was still trying.

Suddenly a dog began running along below me. It was trying to jump up and bite me. It took a little nip at the black leather jacket which I was wearing. It finally managed to grab my arm with its teeth. The dog apparently belonged to a boy (abut 16 years old) who was walking along with the dog. He muttered that there was nothing he could do about the dog. The boy looked like the rough type.

Finally I landed. The boy had raised his fists, as if he were prepared to fight me. He was wearing braces on his teeth. The woman was still flying, and the boy indicated that he knew the woman and that he had been talking with her earlier. Enigmatically the boy said the woman had said to him, "This is a day of tune to me. I've got to get out of myself."

I had no idea what he meant by that.

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