Dream of: 11 May 2000 "Hamburger"

A slender, attractive oriental woman and I had met at a restaurant to discuss a play in which we were both going to have parts as actors. We sat together at a table, ordered a meal, and as we ate, we discussed the play.

The idea of my being in a play was rather daunting. We still had a couple months in which to memorize our lines – plenty of time – but I was still worried about whether I would be able be able to perform. I hadn't been in a play since grade school, and the idea of memorizing lines seemed like such a chore. Nevertheless, I intended to try my best.

By the time we had finished our meal, I had come to view the woman (probably in her mid 20s) not only as my partner in the play, but as my date. She was luscious in every way. When we were ready to leave, I felt as if I would like to give her something. Since we had been eating hamburgers, I thought I might give her some hamburger meat. I had the waiter carry up a big blue plastic barrel filled with ground hamburger, and set it next to our table. There must have been 100 pounds of meat in the barrel. I stuck my hand in and pulled out a handful of the raw meat, intending to offer it to the woman. But, finally, I asked myself what I was doing. I didn't even like meat, and would prefer to never eat it, much less offer it to someone else. I put my handful back in the barrel, cleaned off my hand, and with the woman, stood up and headed to the exit.

As we stepped outside of the restaurant, I very much wanted to kiss the woman, especially since I saw that she was now completely naked. Sensing her willingness, I put my arms around her and pulled her toward me. I had an erection, and wanted to press against her, to feel her body close to mine. She didn't resist and began giving me a passionate kiss.

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