Dream of: 10 May 2000 "Back To The Future"

My wife Carolina and I were in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the Gallia County Farmhouse, the room on the northwest corner where I had filled one wall with a bookshelf packed with books. The television in the room was turned on, playing the movie Back to the Future, which I had put in the VCR. I had seen the movie, staring Michael Fox, several times. But this time I was taking a special interest in the movie because I had the script in my hand. I had recently bought the script (firmly encased in hardback) at a yard sale, and I was immensely enjoying reading the words as they were spoken on the screen. In particular - as I pointed out to Carolina - I was now able to understand the libretto of a French opera being played in the background of the movie at certain points. Some words of the opera I could understand without the book. For example, once, I clearly heard a woman sing the words "Joie de vivre." But many other words I didn't understand, and the book was an immense help. I told Carolina that in the future, if we went to any more yard sales, we needed to be on the lookout for any more movie scripts which we might happen to find.

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