Dream of: 05 May 2000 "Have Gun Will Travel"

Carolina and I were ready to leave the Goodwill store where we had been browsing. Having not visited a Goodwill in a long time, I recalled that the large Goodwill near downtown Fort Worth had shut down some time ago, and I wondered if this Goodwill was its replacement. If so, I might start visiting this store. Of course I would have to discover when new items were put up for sale. Otherwise, everything would be picked over by the time I saw it.

I hadn't found anything I wanted to buy, but as I approached the check-out counters, I noticed several intriguing boxes lying on a table. The boxes, each about 30 centimeters square, had clear plastic windows on one side through which the contents could be seen. At first I thought the boxes contained model sailing ships; but then I saw one box looked as if it might contain a chemistry set.

Although I wasn't interested in the boxes, they made me realize I hadn't checked the store for board games. Turning back to once again go through the store, I recalled how I used to buy board games at Goodwill stores, and how I especially liked to buy board games based on television shows, with their colorful covers.

I quickly found the toy section, and came across two games, one a Mickey Mouse game and the other a Popeye game. The games weren't in boxes; instead, the pieces of each game were rolled up in a colorful mat which served as the board. I unrolled each mat and examined the pieces of each game; but they didn't interest me and I moved on.

Finally I spotted a dozen or so board games displayed on a table, and right in the middle was a television  game, which I picked up and scrutinized. The price of the game was $11.00. But my attention quickly turned to yet another box. I could hardly believe it – it was the board game for "Have Gun Will Travel." I immediately picked up the box. Not only was the game based on an old television show, it also had an electric component, something I valued in board games.

Holding the game in my hand, I examined it closely. It was $13.00, far more that I was accustomed to pay for board games here. They used to only cost $2.00. Clearly all the old games I used to buy and had stored away had appreciated greatly in value. But even though this game seemed high at $13.00, I still wanted to buy it.

Still, I hesitated because I was unsure this game was actually from the 1950s, when the show had been on television. This box looked newer, and cleaner than a box from the 1950s. Perhaps I could find a copyright date on the box. Even though the pictures were from the old television show, the copyright would probably reflect the date the box was made.

Finally putting aside my doubts, I decided to buy the game. For a moment I thought about buying both the $11 and the $13 boxes. But finally I decided upon just the "Have Gun Will Travel" game, and I headed toward the counter. Carolina would probably not be happy, since she didn't approve of these kinds of purchases. But I generally had a good eye for these types of things, and I would buy the game no matter what she thought.

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