Dream of: 30 April 2000 (2) "Unexpected Dreams"

Carolina and I were living in a house which sat on a beautiful spot on the side of a lake in some forested mountains. Suddenly someone hollered out that Dale (an old junior high schoolmate) was there. I looked out and saw a group of perhaps 10 people standing on a platform which ran along the lake. Apparently Dale was one of them. When I saw him, I walked out onto the platform and called out, "Hey, Dale!"

I was happy to see him because I had had several dreams about him, even though I had never known him well. I walked over to him, put my arm around his shoulder, and said, "Dale, I never told you this, but in the last six months, I've learned that you were a fine person."

I wanted to explain how I had never thought about him for years after high school. But, mysteriously, I had later had several unexpected dreams about what a good person he was. Seeing him now, and being able to tell him what I thought about him, was quite a pleasure.

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