Dream of: 30 April 2000 "Indian Carving"

I was riding as a passenger in a pickup truck which another fellow (who seemed like a park ranger) was driving. As we rode along the side of a mountain, I noticed some people digging a trench on the mountain. The trench was being dug to tap into a source of water about three meters above the trench, so the water could flow into the trench. The water would then flow to a place where people had use for it. When the diggers were ready, the small dam holding the water was broken and the water began flowing into the trench. Unfortunately, there was too much water, and although the water flowed into the trench at first, it finally overflowed the trench and flooded down the mountain.

The ranger driving the truck headed the truck down the side of the rocky mountain. When we reached the bottom, the ranger drove right into a stream, and the truck floated along in the stream. From here the ranger was able to observe the trench and the diggers. As we floated, I saw something which caught my attention, and I told the ranger to slow down. I reached out the window to the bank and pulled back a rock, about 25 centimeters in diameter, which had a carving right in the middle. The carving depicted an Indian boy wearing a headdress with buffalo horns. The carving was exquisite.

I thought I saw other carvings along the side of the stream, and I concluded that Indians used to live here. I continued to examine the carving in my hand. It was rock, but it also looked like wood because the area along the sides looked like bark. In a way, it resembled petrified wood. I was amazed by the detail. I asked the ranger if he knew how the carving had been made. It looked to me as if something like a nail punch had been used to chip away the rock. I was extremely happy to have it.

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