Dream of: 13 April 2000 "An Old Charge"

A couple of my friends and I were in the upstairs of the House in Patriot. A woman whom I knew came to the door of the room where I was. She had gone to high school with me. Three other people, including Clifford, were with her. The woman was upset – she wanted to know where I had been. I had been supposed to meet her. I told her not to be upset and I invited everyone into the room.

The woman told me that the police were on their way here to pick me up. I couldn't believe it. I blurted, "What's the charge?"

Apparently an old charge (an extremely minor offense) was pending against me. The police were rounding up other people as well.

I looked out the window. A beat-up white car from the 1960s was pulling up outside. As people began piling out of the car, I said that was the kind of car the police drove. Indeed, the people were the police, and they were headed toward the House.

I formulated a plan. I said to everyone, "OK, I'm going down the back stairs. Be still till I leave. OK?"

I didn't actually plan to go downstairs. I intended to slip into the hallway and then climb up into the attic. I thought I knew of a place in the attic where I could crawl under the boards and hide. But I didn't want anyone to see me going into the attic; I wanted them to think I had gone downstairs.

As I entered the hallway, I thought perhaps I should climb out the attic window onto the roof. Perhaps I should have even gone down the stairs and tried to run away. The whole thing seemed ridiculous.

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