Dream of: 08 April 2000 "Unstructured Writing"

I had been seeing a black-haired woman (35-40 years old) who interested me. We had become well-acquainted. While I was visiting her at her home (sitting in the living room), we began discussing writing; she said she would like to write something, only she didn't want to write in a "structured" or "thought-out" fashion. I contemplated whether I should tell her I wrote my dreams (I had never discussed my dreams with her). I retorted that much could be said for structured and thought-out methods of writing; but I was being coy – to myself I was thinking that when I wrote my dreams, I wrote in a way which wasn't structured or thought-out in advance. I told her methods of writing without structured existed; then I told her I kept a dream journal.

She looked at me as if she were happily surprised; but not surprised either, because this was just the kind of thing she would expect from me.

She asked me if she could read my dreams. I knew she had a computer in the next room.  I said, "They're on the web."

To myself I thought only a small portion of my dreams were on the web. I still had many dreams which I had never published on the web; and I was behind in posting current dreams on my dream site.

I would like her to read my dreams. We might even go into the next room in a little while and I could read some of my dreams to her. I would like her opinion of them.

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