Dream of: 02 April 2000 "Hamlet"

One of my colorful movie posters was hanging on the wall. The poster, which depicted scenes from World War II, was of a little-known movie panned by the critics. Few people would have remembered this old movie, and yet I liked the poster. Several well-known actors had appeared in the movie, and even if they weren't remembered for this particular movie, I could still appreciate the poster. I could think of each actor's more renowned movies, and compare the movies with this one.

I looked closely at the pictures and the writing on the poster, searching the names of the actors. I thought maybe Burt Lancaster might be one. I already had many Lancaster posters, and maybe I could fit this one in with the others I had, but Lancaster wasn't on this poster.

I finally realized I actually had two posters of the same movie on the wall. The second poster had originally been torn in half, and I had taped it back together. As I scrutinized the second poster more closely, I realized I had made a mistake and had taped the two halves of the poster together incorrectly. Two giant faces, sculpted of dark stone, were pictured on the poster. The faces were still discernible, even though I had incorrectly pasted the halves of the poster together. As I began pulling the halves apart, I could see the faces would be clearer if the halves were properly aligned.

Suddenly, however, I realized I had something much more important which I needed to be doing. Without wasting any more time, I called to Carolina, and together we hustled outside the house and jumped in the car. With me driving, we hurried down the road.

I had just remembered that tomorrow I was going to have a test on the play "Hamlet." I needed to immediately begin reading the play. Since I had so little time, I wasn't certain I could cover the entire play. Then I reflected that the whole play could be produced in a few hours, so surely I should be able to read it in a day. Besides, I was already familiar with the play – I simply needed to go over it again.

The traffic was heavy on the highway. I tried to pass someone creeping along. The driver couldn't seem to make up his mind whether to speed up or go slow. I thought how the driver reminded me of Hamlet, so hesitant.

We were headed for the library, in downtown Berlin, Germany, the city in which Carolina and I had been living for a while. We quickly found the library, a beautiful domed building constructed of white stone. After I stopped the car in front of the building both Carolina and I stepped out and stared at the entrance.

There must have been a thousand people standing in front of the library, waiting to get in. They all looked like college students, eager to learn. It was still early in the morning, and the students were here even before the library opened. I thought to myself how I used to go to the library like that, many years ago when I had been in college, arriving even before the library opened. I was no longer accustomed to start working so early.

The sight of so many people gave me pause. I thought how God must be watching all this, that God knew who arrived at the library early, and who didn't. What did God think about me, over the years, arriving later and later? Now so many young people were ahead of me, so fervently trying to get into the library.

Suddenly, the library doors opened, and almost like being sucked into a vacuum, the students were pulled into the library. Carolina and I also headed up the steps. My hair was a little long, and I was a little scruffy, but I wasn't in bad shape. I still had time.

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