Dream of: 28 March 2000 "Child Custody Case"

Carolina and I were in a courtroom, where I was representing a blonde-haired woman in a child custody case involving a little boy (about 4 years old). I was dressed in a dark suit; but I hadn't shaved in several days. I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing. I was most concerned because my client – the woman – hadn't been allowed to enter the courtroom. The little boy, however, without my knowing, had come into the room. The lawyer for the other side objected to the boy's presence. I began talking to the judge as frankly as possible. I was embarrassed because I didn't know the rules concerning who could be in the courtroom, but my job was to do what I thought needed to be done, even if I didn't know what was correct. The judge stepped out of the courtroom for a few moments; when he returned, I asked if he had made a decision. 

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