Dream of: 24 March 2000 "Breaking Waves"

Carolina and I were going to meet some friends – two other couples – and spend the day with them. We were in a room which somewhat seemed to be in a resort hotel. On the ground floor, one whole side of the room was glass, facing a sandy beach and the ocean. Swimmers were frolicking in the waves not 20 meters from our door.

One couple had already arrived, old friends of ours, and Carolina and I were chatting with them. I was however a little apprehensive of what might happen when the second couple arrived, because the second couple weren't old friends. Actually, Carolina had never met the second couple at all, and I hadn't met the man in the second couple. I only knew the woman, and I hadn't even met her in person; I had only communicated with her by mail. I only knew she was Chinese; but I had been communicating with her for quite a while, and although I had never seen her, I had become rather fond of her.

Finally, the second couple showed up. The Chinese woman walked in, smiled and shook my hand. She was gorgeous. She was about 25 years old, had coal black hair, and an enticing figure. I most noticed her teeth. When she smiled, her teeth were snow white, incredibly white. The only problem was that my teeth seemed dull in comparison to hers, and I thought I saw her slightly wince when she saw me. I could understand. I was so much older than she, and frankly, so much less attractive, she must surely be disappointed.

If she were let down, she disguised her disappointment well, and she acted as if she were happy to finally meet me. She introduced me to her partner, a slender young Chinese man. Clearly she and he weren't close, and she had simply invited him to accompany her to this meeting so she wouldn't be alone. I could forget about him.

I wanted to talk more with the Chinese woman, but I needed to clear my head first, to think about what I was going to say to her. I asked Carolina to go with me, and together we walked outside on the beach. I didn't know quite how to say it, but I blurted out to Carolina that I wanted to make love to the Chinese woman. I didn't want to do so behind Carolina's back, and I hoped Carolina would give her approval. I explained that the Chinese woman and I wouldn't be forming any kind of serious relationship.

Carolina didn't object, but she didn't give her approval either. By the time we had finished our walk and returned to the room, I still didn't know where I stood. I didn't know whether the Chinese woman even wanted to make love to me; I didn't know if I had the courage to ask her; and I still didn't know what Carolina would do.

I thought after I returned to the room, I might go swimming. I even imagined the Chinese woman would go with me, and I visualized our being in the water together, coming closer to each other, hugging, and even having sex in the water – a splendid little fantasy. Suddenly I saw a major problem – the sea had changed. The waves had risen and were now eight to ten meters high, furiously breaking on the shore. No swimmers were now in the threatening water, although I did notice a few surfers trying to master the waves. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to surf. It looked as if my plans for going into the water would have to be postponed.

As soon as Carolina and I stepped back into the room, we were greeted by the Chinese woman and her date. The fellow was now dressed in scuba gear, with a long yellow snorkel on his head. Obviously he had never scuba-dived, and he looked a bit comical. However, I was a bit disappointed to see he was wearing the scuba gear, because I had also been aware of the gear, and I had thought I might use it later.

The Chinese woman seemed much more approachable now, and she seemed to have lost some of her dazzle. She stepped up to me and showed me a container which held some blue and white powder which looked like laundry detergent. I recalled that in my correspondence with her, I had discussed this particular kind of powder, explaining that if the powder were used properly, it had strong narcotic powers. Now (somewhat pathetically in my opinion) she wanted me to show her how to use the powder. I thought I might do so later. I might even try some myself, although I wasn't much interested. However, at the moment, I didn't want to be bothered with the powder; I was more interested in watching those huge waves break on the shore.

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