Dream of: 15 March 2000 "Still Smoking"

I had been staying at the House in Patriot for a few days. Two days earlier, I had left Picasso somewhere else with someone who was taking care of him; but now I was worried – the person taking care of Picasso didn't have a phone, and I was concerned that something might have happened to Picasso. I envisioned Picasso as being a puppy, only a few months old, completely dependent on me. I needed to go and retrieve him as quickly as possible.

Before leaving, I recalled that my grandmother Leacy was upstairs, sleeping in the back bedroom, and I decided I would invite her to accompany me; I hardly ever saw her anymore and I would like to spend a little time with her.

I walked upstairs and entered the back bedroom, where I could see a figure curled up on the bed, under a white sheet. Clearly the figure was my grandmother, and I called out to her, asking if she wanted to go with me. She moved under the sheet, and made a muffled sound.

Suddenly I realized that someone else was in the room, standing in the shadows. A girl (about 15 years old) stepped up and began talking to me. I sat down on the bed, then lay back on the pillow, listening to what she had to say. She walked over and sat down beside me. She was very pretty and I noted how well her body seemed to have filled out. She was definitely enticing, but I had no intention of having any contact with her.

However, as she began explaining her problem, she laid several small items on me around my crotch area. I was wearing blue jeans, and except for the bulge in my pants, I formed a flat table for her to display her items.

She was very concerned because she had to go to court the next day, and the items which she had displayed had something to do with her case, although I was unable to determine exactly what. However, one item caught my attention: it looked like a tiny cigar, but shorter and thinner than a cigarette. I picked it up and looked at it. The girl explained that the cigar was made of some kind of exotic plant, and that people had only recently begun selling them in Ohio.

I had heard of cigars like this, and knew that they were legal in some states, and illegal in others. This conflict of laws in the states had caused great confusion, because a person who was unfamiliar with the laws of a particular state wouldn't know whether the cigar would be legal or not.

I decided I would like to try the cigar. I lit it up and took a hit. I immediately began to feel light headed, even a bit dizzy; the feeling wasn't particularly pleasant, yet I somehow rather enjoyed it. I thought I might like to try more of the cigar, but it was so small, there was practically nothing left of it. The girl however, informed me that she had several more of the cigars downstairs. In an almost sleep-like state, I stood up and headed for the stairs. As I made my way along, I still had some doubts about whether I wanted to smoke anymore. But I certainly seemed to be headed in that direction.

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