Dream of: 08 March 2000 "Tour Group"

Carolina and I were traveling with a tour group in Washington D.C. We all walked into a building and crowded into a room filled with black electronic devices lying everywhere. At first I thought the devices might be fake; but then I realized they were real. I thought about taking one, but I decided doing so wouldn't be wise.

After Carolina and I became separated, I noticed that a former high school female classmate, Maynard, was one of the people in the room. She seemed quite pretty – prettier than I remembered her to have been in high school. While most people in the room had dark black hair, only a few– like Maynard and myself – had brown hair. When I noticed Maynard chewing a piece of gum, I asked her to give me a piece (I might need it for my breath) and she handed me a piece of orange gum.

When I saw Carolina again, I caught up with her and we walked out of the building. Carolina (about 15 years old) was extremely pretty. As we walked toward some tall grass, we noticed a bum lying next to a cello. A woman walked toward the cello as if she were going to take it, but when she saw the bum, she backed off.

Carolina and I continued walking until we reached a restaurant. We walked in and sat down facing each other at a table and began talking about our relationship. She innocently told me she had been lying in bed with a fellow named Paul Verhoeven. I knew who he was – a blond-haired fellow. I thought she was saying that while we had been on this trip, she had lain down with Paul in the hotel room. I became angry and said we should go. I stood up and started to walk away; she didn't stop me. I headed out the door; I thought she would follow – but she didn't. She stood up and walked in the opposite direction. I thought about going after her – I still wanted to talk to her – but I didn't. I continued on alone. Not being with her was going to be difficult.

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