Dream of: 01 March 2000 "Bugs"

Carolina and I had recently moved to a small village. We soon met a fellow who invited us to his house, where he lived with his mother. Accepting the invitation, Carolina and I walked into the old-looking house, the interior of which was covered with dark wood. Knickknacks were everywhere. When I politely commented that I liked the knickknacks, I was unsure I was being truthful – the place seemed so dull. Both the fellow and his mother were present; the fellow sat down on my left at a table, while Carolina sat down on a couch to my right. We began talking and during the conversation I learned the fellow had a brother named Vernon. Something made me wonder if the mother had ever been married. I asked her if she played the piano. Then I changed the subject and asked the fellow if he were connected to the internet. The fellow told me that he was connected and that he had an account with America Online. I thought I would give him my email address, the address with the name "vogelein." As we were talking, I absent-mindedly wrote in ink on the table. Realizing what I had done, I tried to clean off the ink. As I worked on cleaning the table, I noticed some bugs scurrying around on the table.

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