Dream of: 18 February 2000 "Tiger In The Garage"

I opened up the door to the garage behind the Grandview Avenue House. The sky was dark outside, but enough light was in the garage so I was able to see, about ten feet to my left, a large orange tiger with black stripes. The tiger was lying on its side, with its back turned toward me, apparently asleep. It almost reminded me of a person, about two meters long. But clearly it was a tiger, and presumably potentially dangerous.

I backed out of the door, turned and ran back to the house. I dashed into the kitchen, screaming that a tiger was in the garage, that we needed to call someone. A man (who seemed as if he might be a police officer) walked into the kitchen from the interior of the house. After he heard my commotion, he headed out to the garage, while I continued to scream for more help. When no one else showed up, I suddenly realized that I needed to go out to the garage with the man, that the tiger might attack him.

When I again reached the garage door, the man was nowhere in sight. I stuck my head through the door, and saw that he also wasn't inside. Then I saw that the tiger was also gone. I was immediately scared. Perhaps the tiger had attacked the man. Perhaps the tiger was now waiting to attack me. I pulled my head back out of the garage and screamed, "Help!"

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