Dream of: 15 February 2000 "Trauma"

I had arrived in the downtown area of a large city, at a silver high-rise office building, where I thought I was going to meet Louise on the ground floor. As I waited in the lobby area, Louise walked in. To my surprise, she brushed past me without speaking, left me standing, and headed up the stairs. A bit stunned, I just stood, uncertain what to do.

It took me a few moments before I realized Buckner (probably in his early 30s) was also standing in the lobby. I was shocked to see his face badly bruised, obviously from a beating. We began talking, and I soon learned that Louise's husband had beaten Buckner, not once, but on about 50 different occasions. When Buckner told me he was in the process of suing Louise's husband, I said, "I'll help you."

I felt sorry for Buckner. He had done nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. He had been beaten so badly, he was weak, and I had to help him out the door.

The streets were crowded with people. A woman in a snazzy car drove recklessly through the crowd, narrowly missing people.

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