Dream of: 11 February 2000 "Tawdry And Unfulfilling"

A boy (not more than 14 years old) was thinking about what he wanted to do with his life. In his mind was a picture of a penis which had a few scraggly hairs growing out of it. The boy, contemplating the hairs, decided he would like to be a professional clipper of pubic hairs, to learn the art of clipping pubic hairs.

The boy next imagined three different sets of female pubic regions, lined up, as it were, ready to be clipped. All three sets were black and bushy, waiting to be clipped and trimmed along the edges, to be set in order.

To be a professional, the boy knew he would ultimately need to obtain a license. Already he foresaw a slight problem. The rules for professional pubic hair clippers required that they work no more than 8 hours a day. The boy figured that 3 hours was required to clip a penis, and that 2 hours was required to clip a female. Thus if the boy were to clip the one penis and the three females which he had envisioned, he would need 9 hours. Already he was trying to think of a way to get around the law, to be able to work longer than was allowed.

As I partook of the boy's visions and meanderings, I felt no fascination or enthusiasm for the spectacle. Rather, the boy's plans and aspirations seemed nothing by tawdry and unfulfilling. I couldn't imagine what they had to do with me.

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