Dream of: 10 February 2000 "In The Desert"

Two other people and I were staying in a building in the middle of a brown, desolate desert. The building, constructed of plain concrete blocks and painted white, had only one large room, perhaps eight meters by eight meters, sparsely furnished with a couch, table and chairs and a few other pieces of mostly office furniture.

My companions were a pretty black-haired woman (about 20 years old) and a dense-looking fellow with cropped blond hair (probably in his mid 30s, about the same age as I appeared to be). I hardly knew the woman, although it seemed that the three of us had at one time all worked on a project together. It appeared that we would once again be working on together, out here, on some office project.

The two of them were sitting and working together at a desk, while I lay on my back on the couch. I had been lying on the couch for almost a full day, at times thinking of the area where we were, so far from anyone, and wondering what we were going to do out here.

When the fellow finally stood up and walked outside, I also stood up and walked over to the woman. This was the chance I had been looking for. The woman was quite attractive, and I was thinking that if the three of us were going to be staying alone out here, I needed to lay claim to her.

As I approached her, she was sitting on the side of the desk facing me, with her legs hanging over the side. She was dressed all in black, with black pants and a black shirt. I immediately maneuvered my head down between her legs, placing my chin on her crotch, pulling her closer to me and pressing my chin against her.

She didn't resist. She seemed to also sense that if we were going to be stranded out here alone in the desert, she and I would end up having a relationship with each other. But just then, the other fellow walked back into the room. The woman immediately seemed to change her attitude, looked at me and barked out, "What do you think you're doing?"

I knew she would let me continue if the other fellow were not in the room. His being here with us was obviously problematical. On top of everything, I had little respect for the fellow. Angered by his interference I turned toward him and ordered, "Get out of here you idiot!"

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