Dream of: 07 February 2000 "Trying To Hide The Truth"

Living in France, I was having difficulty with the authorities, for I was accused of possessing books  without permission. A militaristic official for the state had arrested me and was holding me for questioning. He focused on two books in particular, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, and an old pale blue-covered Spanish calculus book which I had owned for many years. These books weren't permitted to be owned in the country of France. I became angry by what the official was saying, and I shouted at him that he wasn't interested in the Truth, that he was trying to hide the Truth.

Definitely I was in trouble and I really didn't know what I was going to do. I mused about whether I was opposed to the law preventing possession of books, or whether I was opposed to the law preventing the importation of books. Perhaps if I were to return to the United States I would have a better idea. Definitely a question of "what was the truth?" pervaded the mood.


I was in the United States. I was becoming convinced the law in France was against the importation of books, and not against the mere possession of books. I was also convinced that a similar law existed in the United States, that importation of certain books into the United States was against the law. I believed the number of books proscribed by the United States to be about 500.

I was opposed to these laws, and these laws didn't help to strengthen my allegiance to the United States.

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